Why anyone would want to know more about us, is beyond me, but here you go!

Hi, I’m Lindsey!  Animals are my thing. I’m extremely passionate about their well-being. I became vegetarian in 2007 and vegan in 2011. I've adopted and fostered (I currently have two rescued cats and another foster), and if I could I'd have every animal. I love hiking, running, horseback riding, yoga, skiing--anything involving nature and being active. I'm learning guitar and I've begun painting. I love wordplay/puns, craft beer, and I have PLENTY of tattoos and piercings. Hope you hang out with me tonight on The Bear from 1am to 6am.
Joe D here, growing up I played sports and always loved music. As I got older, I stopped the sports and focused more on music. I taught myself to play bass and eventually guitar, which lead me to get a degree in music performance. I've played in locals bands and even spent a couple of years touring with Joey Belladonna of Anthrax. He asked me to play bass in is solo band, Belladonna. That was one hell of an experience! I'm a huge NFL fan. I also love heavy metal and I like to fish when I can find the time. Join me for lunch on The Bear from 10am to 3pm.
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Hi, I’m Mistress Carrie, the Purple Haired woman on your radio! Born and raised in Leominster, MA where pink lawn flamingos and Johnny Appleseed were made famous. I was born into a family filled with proud military members, first responders, and Italian bakers, so naturally I ended up on the radio, spending 29 years at the legendary WAAF! I’m a proud Marine wife, Harley rider and licensed skydiver! I love Rock music, baking, gardening, going shooting, and volunteering for numerous veterans’ organizations. I was the first ‘non-news’ journalist embedded with US troops in Iraq (2006) & Afghanistan (2011), and I’m a proud recipient of the Commanders Award for Public Service (2x), and the Order of Saint Maurice (2014). My pug Wednesday has her own Instagram (yes I’m that person), and I also REALLY enjoy tequila! I’m the host of The Mistress Carrie Podcast, and Cocktails in the War Room, and I am so excited to be on the air every afternoon with you!

Hi, I’m Robbie Knight! Mom raised me on classical music and Bluebird Jazz records.  But when I heard metal music, that was LIFE.  I love all the Metals and the music that inspired them.  I never outgrew comics, action movies or stupid jokes.  And I never developed an "indoor voice".  I blame that on being a game warden's kid but it's just that I'm loud, really. Life sounds better cranked up to 11. Spend an hour with me from 7p to 8p weeknights on The Bear!
What up, fam, I’m Woody!  I’m from Southern California but I’ve lived all over… in Houston, Tulsa, Minneapolis and I spent a short stint in Florida too.  I’m married.  I love my wife and basketball (in that order) and I love taking her to games and rock shows.  My favorite bands are Deftones, Queens of the Stone Age and Deftones again.  I also do commercial voice over work for the likes of Red Wing shoes, Purina, and Old El Paso. Catch me on 103.1 The Bear weeknights from 8pm to 1am.